Whether you are looking for natural wellness spots or some of the best spa facilities around, the Maltese Islands have got you covered!

With endless serene and idyllic locations by the shore, meditation, and outdoor fitness activities; such as yoga, have never been more accessible!

The crashing of waves on the rocks, whilst breathing in the salty sea breeze, contributes to a stress-free environment and helps one relax and unwind, whilst also rejuvenating one’s body. Outdoor sessions are growing in popularity at a very fast rate, with many clients preferring to connect with nature while exercising. Many of these sessions are being performed in stunning locations such as Buskett Woodlands, which were planted by the Knights of St. John, and the picturesque Dingli Cliffs. The sounds of nature create a calming sensation, ensuring that one can find one’s zen.

SUP (Standup Paddleboarding) meditation has also really taken off around the Islands. The combination of climate, easily accessible seas, together with qualified instructors, means that SUP meditation and the Maltese Islands are a match made in Heaven. This is a more intensive sort of meditation as it requires balance and a strong core, in order to not fall off the board while performing the moves!

Should your tastes be more aligned with being pampered and relaxed, the Maltese Islands offer numerous high-quality spas, many of which can be found within hotel complexes, as well as other individual establishments. These quality spa treatments heighten all senses, and are tailor-made to relax both body and mind, and are normally accompanied by top-class facilities, such as indoor pools, saunas, hammam baths, and steam rooms.

While enjoying these spas, one may opt to get a massage treatment, being offered by licensed professionals, ensuring that your body will be fully relaxed and soothed. One could also benefit from natural resources found in Malta and Gozo which revitalise the body, such as sea salt, which is of great benefit to people’s skin and hair, as well as helping greatly with those that suffer from their sinuses.

A number of well-equipped outdoor public gyms have also been set up, providing open-air exercise in the favourable year-round climate, around the clock!